Important questions to ask before choosing a broker:

Q: Why is "Brooklyn Real Property, Inc." not a franchise? A:Anyone one with money can open up a real estate office tomorrow & anyone can buy a franchise. We at Brooklyn Real Property, Inc. do not have to live in anyone shadow & do not have to rely on someone else or a big name reputation company to survive! Throughout the years in doing honest, transparent & loyal business! All salespeople are NOT just a number! BRP does not have to deal with the beauracracy of a big company & turnovers! BRP is owner operated by one owner (NO partnership)!


Q: Why is it important to own the property that you are operating in? A: Part of being a salesperson is planting your seed , farming your area, moving can be a huge catastrophe- It's will be like starting over! (Even a few block away) & the thousands of dollars that Brooklyn Real Property spends on marketing each office & salespeople (Owner DOES NOT COMPETE- Company pays for marketing- NOT YOU) You do yourself, your client a disservice (Will your broker warn or tell you that he lost his lease- or cannot afford the lease?) We built clients for LIFE & you will grow with the company! With 3 offices a,d GROWING....... & each location property is own by Brooklyn Real Property we are big enough to handle the biggest job & small enough to give all our customers & staff undivided attention


Q: Other broker offers CREATIVE compensation? A: You are a salesperson don't be sold by another salesperson!The more creative the more you should be concern - With BRP what you see & what you get! No unrealistic unachievable goals! Talk is cheap & get it in writing! You are as strong as your leader! Are you a leader or a follower? You are licensed in Real Estate from NYS DOS & are regulated by DOS. Is someone selling you a dream (not a Ponzi scheme) You have heard the old saying: Sometimes if its to good to be true? What is a Real Estate license for? Please think about it!


Q: How long have your Real Estate owner Broker have he been in the Real Estate Business personally? A: Brooklyn Real Property,Inc. Owner Broker started his Real Estate career in 1986


Q: How many houses, property, land or real estate or real estate transaction did he have during his tenure as a salesperson? A: Brooklyn Real Property,Inc. Owner Broker has sold, listed & directed billion in sales personally during his tenure please Google JeanPaul Ho


Q: Is the owner/ Broker door always open to you? A: Once you are in the business, you need someone that can relate to your situation & that has been there himself/herself? (Not someone who was born in a silver spoon & inherited the business) Someone who is a person like you that feels your pain, anger, concerns, hardship, achievement! Someone who leads by example to this day! Someone who started as a salesperson & work 15 hours a day 7 days a week & that can sympathize with you, not just want to make money & think of you as a money machine & the day you are sick or unable to work are useless to them.


Q: It is important to find out how long & how many people have worked for the broker owner - If there is a huge turnover there is a problem! A: We have SEVERAL full time salespeople that parents, uncle , niece & family members have worked with us for over 20 years - some of them even have passed away! We dearly missed them - everyone is a family to us. We have a diverse staff & that make us strong & unique check out our website! Our goals is EVERY salesperson to be successful & we believe that the staff & salespeople comes first & not only do we want them to be educated to be independent & successful (We really promote & advocate education) we encourage & help everyone of our staff to own their own property that is why we created our Exclusive Brooklyn Real Property Family real estate planning program! Shame on people that are selling real estate & not own themselves! How can they relate to their clients if they do not own themselves?


Q: What kind of support & education do you provide? A: Please see the link for classes. We are many educational class that are taught & hosted by professionals every Monday & Tuesday besides our Thursday meeting (Family that eats together stays together) & office training, one on one, mentorship & more! We do not just give you a desk & phone & wish you luck! Why CHOOSE Brooklyn Real Property, Inc.? 5 years passed you are still a salesperson? Tired of being a salesperson through all your career? Tired of paying Franchise fees, Desk fees, E & O insurance, Junk fees, Royalty fees? Tired of making money off other salespeople instead of making money from Real Estate? We have answers to your questions! We are member of Brooklyn New York MLS & REBNY (OLR & RealPLus) & CAREA Owner/Broker is Executive Board of Directors for BNYMLS 3 Office in 3 PRIME locations (Work out of ANY office) and growing.... We are inviting YOU to grow with us and seize this opportunity to be trained and promoted to a management position when we see your qualifications! MODERN Office Space: We OWN - We do not RENT Other company pays a residual from people you recruit. Don't be fooled! It comes out from YOUR pocket! NON-Competing manager with over 20 years of experience and in office 7 days a week!!! Training by professional in the field for FREE! All walk in listing, rental, buyer leads given to salespeople for Free! All full time salespeople will have their own desk and desktop for Free! All full time salespeople will get Customized Business Cards for Free! 2 top notch website with over 3,000 listings! Please visit our website for yourself! We advertise & market for YOU! Salaried payed ONSITE Marketing coordinator! Thousand of dollars spent on Marketing YOU & the company!! No hidden fees, or Creative structure split (NO Tricks or deceit) You get pay!! Realize your earning potential - Show us your tax return and get pay for what your worth! We offer so much more! Reply to get more information