Top REASON for joining Brooklyn Real Property BRP:

  1. On site Full Time New York State Certify instructor & Real Estate Broker that understand & relate to you. Who has started from ground up (nothing) & is still leading by example! Work for a Franchise or Corporate ask to speak to owner?
  2. Free NYS approved continuing education classes & REAL LIFE advanced classes. Company Orientation, advance training ..
  3. Successful Broker licensed since 1986 & Over 30 years SUCCESSFUL experience serving Brooklyn Community- Learn from the best! Learn how to fish from a REAL Fisherman- We will feed you for life! And GROW Together….
  4. Join the winning team- New Development Team, Rental team, 1031 Exchange team, management, On Site Rentals & Sales +
  5. Free company & hands on training & Mentorship program (Learn to earn NO tuition fees) Ongoing training by professionals.
  6. Residual income program - Unlimited income potential- Grow with company & that is GROWING …4 Offices in 3 years.
  7. 4 locations & more to come (Many growth & career opportunities)! Modern PRIME STOREFRONT office locations & more to come... We are Growing..... ALL company owned property - we do NOT rent our office & worry that we have to move! We are here to STAY!!! Invest in a place that is staying… Leave a LEGACY…
  8. We will HELP & teach you how to own your own property & invest! Homebuyer Seminar for public/salespeople on grants
  9. Many growth & career opportunities! Don't be salesperson all your career- Grow with us- Associate Manager, Manager, Mentors or Vice President needed as we GROW! Be part of FAMILY!!
  10. Great competitive commission split season salespeople (Residual income & many incentive program- Show us your tax return - Get pay for what you are worth) Prove to US you are worth it…Graduating scale commission & BRP Advantage Program- Unlimited income potential- Grow with company…Look at the BIG picture – Don’t just live for today- Live for TOMORROW
  11. Errors & Omission insurance paid by company (How can you work without malpractice insurance?)
  12. All full timer has own desktop, 1st business card & marketing material + paid by company and more. computer & Paperless
  13. New salespeople orientation after completion received free Polo shirt, hat, umbrella, bag, business card and more.
  14. Most Advanced & multi Language website – Over 3000’s listing. Create own website –automatically have 300 listing with your name & domain & control all leads.
  15. We encourage & advocate name branding (We will help you) postcard, Name rider & more
  16. Marketing coordinator & director on site – Full time – Company paid, help with marketing & order floor plan , professional pictures & more! On Site Company IT person & More!!
  17. No desk fees, Franchise fees, paper fees, Transaction fees, deal fees, listing fees- NO JUNK FEES! PROMISE!! (BRP Advantage exempt) YOU DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR LEADS (Unless Relocation Referral Program)
  18. Bring your check in that Monday get pay that Thursday We GUARANTEE you get pay! Check ALWAYS clear
  19. Member of Brooklyn New York MLS (Owner is elected Executive Board of Director & Chairperson of Education) REBNY OLR & Real PLUS, New York State MLS & CAREA(Option to join & BRP Associates)Sell ANYWHERE in the tri State or NY
  20. Work out any of our offices (Except those in BRP advantage program)We are ONE company–NO Beauracracy- Synergy
  21. We host Homebuyer Seminar, Street fairs, conventions, Community events & give back to our community
  22. Lots of lead given out & many premium website paid by company, such as Zillow, GeoData & much more.
  23. Get paid on Open Listing rentals & create own website (We will teach you how to convert Open to Exclusive)
  24. We pay for your signs, banner, board & installation (Excluded BRP Advantage program) Any size – Even with Crane
  25. Many FREE company social, training, & networking events (Annual Picnic, Christmas & many more)
  26. Every salesperson can do rentals or sales or New development, Commercial, Leasing, management & more..
  27. All offices has FULL TIME Managers & Assistant Manager with Associate Broker licensed & with over 20-25 plus years of experience! They are here to Nurture, Assist, Motivate, Encourage, Lead, Inspire, Coach, Mentor, Guide & teach you!
  28. Every office has Full time secretary, Part time AA paid by company open 7 days a week! Banker On-Site to HELP you!!
  29. NO Bureaucracy- ONE COMPANY - ONE OWNER! Owner door is ALWAYS open!

Please google jeanpaulho to find out more about us or visit our website & or READ Timeline & BIO

Please visit Website: or call any of the below offices that you want to work at- Ask for the manager for a confidential interview.

"Downtown Office"

389 Atlantic Avenue

Bet: Bond & Hoyt St.

Brooklyn NY 11217

Office# 718-875-8899

"Flatlands Office"

9201 Flatlands Avenue

Corner East 92 St.

Brooklyn NY 11236


"Flatlands Office"

4405 Avenue D

Bet: Troy & East 45 St.

Brooklyn NY 11203


"Bensonhurst Office"

2106 Bath Avenue

Bet: Bay Parkway & 21 Ave

Brooklyn NY 11214


5 -10 -15 years from now- Tired of the rat race chasing after same listing & still a salesperson begging for business? We are HUMAN & we must EVOLVE! Still the same broker- Same BORING office? Rent has gone up? After spending THOUSANDS of dollars in farming you have to move because your broker cannot afford to pay the rent or was bought out (Franchises) How many Real Estate broker YOU have interview OWNS each & EVERY building they operate from? Anyone can OPEN a Real Estate company -You are SELLING Real Estate & YOU DO NOT OWN YOURSELF?? SHAME ON YOU!! READ THE BACK!!