Our Mission

Brooklyn Real Property

Brooklyn Real Property, Inc. also known as BRP Associates, Inc. its founder & broker Jean-Paul Ho has been selling Real Estate throughout NYC 5 boroughs especially in Brooklyn since 1986. He has helped MILLIONS of families in making their dream of home ownership come true & he has worked with many institutional & private investors in handling billions of dollars of their investment! 90% of Jean-Paul business is through referrals or past clients (Grandparents, parents, kids, family & more)!

Brooklyn Real Property believes in doing business the old fashioned way "Through hard work, integrity, conviction, passion, accountability, transparency & commitment". Throughout the years of selling Real Estate, Jean-Paul has seen many Real Estate companies that come & go (With one agenda - makes as much money as they can & then sell off or go! Do they really care about the community or the money) such as Foxton, YHD & many other Real Estate companies & franchises that are no longer in business! That is why Brooklyn Real Property has invested so much into the community that we proudly serve!

Many of our salespeople are from the community - with a diverse sales team that speaks your language & that understands & LOVES the community!!

Each one of our office - Brooklyn Real Property owns the building (And we are not a franchise & not planning to sell any of our building). 95% of the Real Estate Company rents their space & where will they be in 10 years or less? We give back to our community!

Many things can go wrong after purchasing a property & would you want to do business with a company with biggest investment of your life that you cannot find in the many years to coming?
Buying & selling is not just a transaction- to Brooklyn Real Property it is a lifetime relationship & commitment to you! We help built community "A brick at a time & plan to be your family & friend FOR LIFE"!
Relationship is PRICELESS & our reputation is PRICELESS!!  YOUR relationship is PRICELESS to Brooklyn Real Property!!!

We are small enough to guarantee you maximum undivided loyal service, reasonable care, confidentiality, full disclosure, obedience and duty to account! And big enough to handle any project!
Call us today & let’s start growing together!