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Published Monday, November 3, 2014 Updated on Friday, August 26, 2016

Free Classes

Brooklyn Real Property, Inc. Up Coming COMPANY ADVANCE Classes: See below in schedule for 2016
Free to ALL Brooklyn Real Property salesperson & employee
* Marketing Workshop - Show & create a website in 5 minutes, YOU will ALL participate (Bring your laptop) & create your OWN website + floorplan!
10 MOST effective website (Craiglist is not one of them) Yes, you are not currently using it!
EVERY website has & caters to different audience!
Where do you advertise (most affective) for:
Rental, Commercial, Sales?
*Taxes & accounting (Find out the benefit of owner, Buyers tax write off, Sellers tax write off, Capital Gains, Salesperson tax write example- home office, cell phone & Etc...)
*Cold Calling presentation & training: work shop, script, approach, objections, time management, closures
*Short Sale negotiation: Lis pendens, Negotiation, HAFA, HAMP, HARP, Deed in Lieu
*Financing- DTI, credit, how to qualify, numerous mortgage programs
*1031 exchange classes: CEMA, Title & deed  & Survey & purchase assignments
*Tom Ferry - National speaker & trainer-Listing, sales, closing, time management, National coach 
*Zoning, FAR Building code & planning:CAP rate, Commercial & Land, Violation , SRO, Variance, Conversion, Brownfield, LPC
 *Grants & Programs: Citilift, Home first, First home & numerous grants, Guidelines
 *Appraisal: BPO, Market Evaluation vs market appraisal, how is a appraisal done?
 *Legal: Contract of sale, Rider, Contingency Q & A, Concession, Contribution, Leases, Closing fees & more
 *Advertisement: marketing website (Craiglist, Instagram, Linked & more) , social media, Key words & more....Listing Presentation book 
*Taxes & accounting: (Find out the benefit of owner, Buyers tax write off, Sellers tax write off, Capital Gains, Salesperson tax write example- home office, cell phone & Etc...)
 * Mortgages, Financing, Grant: (Learn how to qualify your buyers DTI, Read & understand credit, SonyMa, FHA, FHA Steamline, FHA 203 , Conventional & More!)
DTI, Ratio, Qualifying, Pre Approvals, Learn how to manual (This is a work shop- everyone participate) calculate DTI , how to use our spreadsheet, Read & understand credit report, guidelines to FHA, VA, Sonyma, Conventional New Dodd Frank & more.
 * Title, Survey: (Learn about Title insurance, Survey & cost of Title insurance, Sanborn map, Directive 14 & more)
* Insurance: (Learn about different type of homeowner insurance/ Renters insurance/ Hazard insurance/ Flood insurance/ Health Insurance/ Business insurance) Cable vision (Learn about Concierge program)
 * Network & Services: Learn about all the services & huge savings/ Discounts we provide to our clients from our participating concierge service- Movers, Contractors, Insurance, Title, Attorney, Accounting, & more! 
* Ethics & Department of State rules & regulation, Disclosures & much more!
* Etiquete, presentation class, How to host & show a property & safety class
There will be many... more classes!!! Please send your request by going to or visitwww.BrooklynRealProperty.Info for the schedule
Get ready to LEARN from the expert & licensed PROFFESIONALS not the fly by night! Knowledge is power!!!
Food & drinks will be served!!! Please check the brooklynrealproperty.info for the schedule date & RSVP Jennifer or Marketing coordinator
We give you the tool, knowledge & support the REST is up to you!!! Your success is in your hand!!!
We pay for college to have an education & a chance to have a brighter future! Brooklyn Real Property is paying for your future!!!
Unlike ANY Real Estate company these training are FREE to you!!!
We also offer FREE DOS Approved Continuing ed classes!!!