Fillmore Avenue L Helps Celebrate Real Estates 51st Anniversary
Published Monday, May 4, 2015 Updated on Monday, May 4, 2015

Fillmore Avenue L Helps Celebrate Real Estates 51st Anniversary

Fillmore Avenue L Helps Celebrate Real Estates 51st Anniversary

Canarsie Courier

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Fillmore Real Estate, Ltd., Brooklyn’s LARGEST privately own real estate firm with 15 offices and 500 salespeople, celebrated its 51 years since being founded by William Reinhardt, Sr. in 1960, when the first location was on Fillmore Avenue and Flatbush Avenue (the street was recently honored and named after William Reinhardt Senior).

At the ceremony, held at the Riviera on Coney Island Avenue and hosted by the Reinhardt family (Pat Reinhardt, Fillmore partner) and John Reinhardt (CEO-President), they unveiled their new website: Newagentdashboard & The guest of honor for the event was Borough President Marty Markowitz.

Fillmore also congratulated the many winners of the Million Dollars Club, Multi-Million Dollar Club and Chairman’s Circle – Anita Yeung, Beverly Gordon, Cynthia William Logan, Deborah Henry, Earl Satahoo, Jean Claude Ho, Natasha Creary, Linda Pontolillo, Alicia Gordon, Hayden Stephens, Donald Clarke (+ Rising Star), all from Branch 008 on Avenue L.

Jean-Paul Ho (Senior Vice President) as director of sales, said he is proud of their accomplishments, especially in one of the worst real estate markets. He also mourned the tragic and heartbreaking deaths of Edgar Reddock and Hayden Stephens in 2010.

Everyone at branch 008 is an extended family, so the loss of these two individuals was mentally, physically and morally hard for everyone, especially Jean-Paul Ho.

Regardless, branch office 008 did 20 percent better in sales also due to the leadership of Jean-Claude Ho (associate manager) of Avenue L and Avenue K Condominiums (18 Units), Beverly Gordon (assistant manager), Meadow-Wood at Gateway Condominiums (1,152) Units, Linda Pontolillo (associate manager), Mill Harbor (208 Units – sold out), Natasha Creary (manager)
Lafayette Estate Co-op (900 units), Earl Satahoo (manager) Lenox Road Condo (20 units), and all the hard work-ing, on-site sales team of branch 008!

Under Jean-Paul Ho’s leadership since 1996, the office was also awarded the top Triple Play award for being the #1 office to contract for 2010, #1 office for closings for 2010, and #1 Team Award for 2010.

Branch office 008 has been winning these top awards since 1997 consecutively. It’s very hard staying on top every year and gets tougher and tougher, so branch office 008 is either envied, hated by everyone or loved by everyone.